Some things are better left unsaid.

Some things are better left unsaid.

Some things are better left unsaid.

But not everything.

As children we were taught, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. It’s another one of those old fashioned rules that if we really adhered to it would prevent a lot of hurt feelings. That’s for sure.

But what about the things that really do need to be said and you never get around to it? Words like I love you,I apologize, I’m here for you and don’t give up.

Or how about the two that we carelessly forget as we run about our days. Doing this, tending to that, earning, spending, gossiping and over sharing on Facebook.

The two words that could reverse an otherwise terrible day for someone, that can turn misery to lightness and turn a smile to a frown in a matter of seconds.

Yes, those two words. Thank you.

Meet John. For 10 plus years John was my morning coffee guy. Before he had a wife and two children and when I was simply a mother of one trying to figure out my next move it was John and me.

John knew my pattern. I arrived at his cart no later than 8:45 each weekday. In rain, snow or sunshine there we would stand together chatting about the weather, his family or mine and of course about my beloved She’s Got Papers.

On Monday mornings he never spoke one word to me. Not a syllable. Like I said, John knew me. In those days when I worked a corporate job I hated Mondays with a passion. These days not so much! As soon as he saw me approaching his cart he would prepare my cup – 1 tall coffee with half and half and Coffee Mate French Vanilla, he’d give me a plain donut completely disregarding my metabolism and hand me my bag.

Though my mood was questionable on those days I never forgot to say thank you. For someone on the outside looking in John was just a guy with a coffee cart on one of the wealthiest avenues in New York City and I was just a girl with a dream buying a cup. Not so.

It wasn’t just the coffee. It was the bond that was shared over the course of a decade. It was our quick pep talks, the times he encouraged me to keep pushing toward my dream, it was my prayers for him and his family when he took ill, plus the disdain we shared for taxes. Those talks and his coffee became a part of my life. They made my days easier and I was immensely grateful for both.

Your neighborhood crossing guard doesn’t just blow a whistle, she keeps your children safe. Your barista at Starbucks does more than make a good caramel macchiato, she helps you to wake up so that you can kill that presentation. The receptionist at your Dr’s office doesn’t just book appointments. She fits you in on the days when they’re over booked, which is often.

Whose day can you brighten with a note of gratitude? An over-worked cashier at your local supermarket or perhaps the mailperson whose doing his best just to get through his shift? A little thank you goes a long way and I’d bet they’d really love to know you see them.

And to John – thank you. For everything.

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Isn't she worth it? I think so!


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