Meet Tanea

In 5th grade, I wrote, directed and starred in a play called “Let Us In” about 2 homeless women living on the streets of New York City. I instantly fell in love with the stage. So much that I thought I would pursue acting as a career. However, it would be a trip to a Chinatown gift shop with my older sister the following year that would change my life. 

It was the day I got my first journal. The “ladies” as I call them, have been my constant companions for over 30 years. They give me lines and lines of empty space to literally lay my soul bare. They challenge me, give me a space to release, and shed light on things I would prefer not to see. 

To hear more about how journaling has changed my life, read more about Dear Gloria and watch below. 

 In 2007 after the birth of my 2nd child and yearning to scratch my entrepreneurial itch, I combined my passion for paper and my love of words and launched She’s Got Papers in 2008.Taken from the name of a popular song from the 1980’s, the designs in the collection are an extension of my personality on paper.

After providing many collections of inspirational stationery, journals to pour your heart out into as well as custom boxes that touched the spirit for many years, I took a break. To regroup, recalibrate and reimagine what the She's Got Papers brand could be.

Isn't it funny how you think you're done and God says, "well, actually..." Life will sometimes force you to your knees and set you back, only to set you up for a great comeback. In 2024 I launched She's Got Papers & Home. A collection of home and office decor products aimed at giving you a piece of inspiration both at work and at home. May you live well & be inspired!