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top-icons-09.jpg Tweeting, texting and pinning are expedient digital ways to connect, but some business owners believe there’s still strong demand for unique, handcrafted ways to stay in touch. Just ask New York City entrepreneur Tanea Smith, who says instant communications diminish the message. “I find that with the social media boom, we’ve become woefully detached in terms of authentic connection,” she says. The handmade cards from her company, She’s Got Papers, feature images designed to make the recipient feel empowered and valued. “The handwritten note congratulating you on your promotion will be treasured long after your news feed disappears into cyberspace,” she says. Click here to read the full article.

amex-open-forum.jpegThe business world is full of instant and electronic communication, but some small-business owners swear by the power of the handwritten message. The next time you consider sending an email or a text message to a client, customer or employee, take a moment to think about composing a handwritten note instead. “The tradition of writing notes and letters has been compromised by the information age, and we seldom find time for it,” says Dawn Bryan, founder of The Qualipedia, a consumer information and lifestyle website. “This paucity, however, imparts even more value to the rare handwritten note because it makes the recipient feel special.” Click here to read the full article. 2007, on maternity leave from her job as an executive assistant in New York City, Tanea Smith—mom to Brandon and Jada—started researching and implementing a business idea that had been brewing for a while, an online stationery boutique that hand-crafted inspired little note cards, “baby business cards” and other paper goods with fun and inspirational little sayings. Using the money she and significant other, James, had saved for their 2007 wedding, she launched the company—and it was a worthy investment. “By midnight, the wedding would have been over,” she told Essence magazine, “but my business is our future.”   Click here to read the full article.

thumbnail-lynette-27s-blog.jpgMonday night at our Love Your Life event in NYC, Tanea Smith shared about her decision to quit watching TV. This mother of two works full-time AND has built an incredible stationary company called, She’s Got Papers, so clearly she’s faced tough choices on a daily basis. Click here to read the full article.

Tanea Smith in Essence magazine
>With the number of minority-owned businesses increasing by almost 46 percent to nearly 6 million since 2002, it’s prime time for corporate climbers who have hit a glass ceiling to enter the entrepreneurs’ circle. “You work your nine-to-five to make a living, then you work your five-to-nine to make your fortune,” says Elon Bomani, author of Dynamic Diva Dollars: For Women Who Aren’t Afraid to Be Millionaires. “Having a side hustle is no longer a choice. In 2011 it’s a necessity.”  Click here to read the full article.

Tanea Smith in MoreAt the age of 18 and 18 years ago, I became pregnant with my first child. My mother was, and still is, a very loving but stern woman. For much of my childhood, she worked two jobs to support my sister and me. Looking back, I know that my mother did the very best she could with the tools that she had. I learned some very important lessons from her that continue to serve me to this day. As my sister and I got older and began to experience puberty, her mandate was clear — “Don’t Get Pregnant.”
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Tanea Smith in Women You Should KnowMeet Tanea Smith. This mom, risk taker, and Woman You Should Know is the Founder of She’s Got Papers, a growing stationery empire she launched against all odds. Designed to counter the increasingly impersonal nature of our tech-obsessed world, Tanea’s female focused collection celebrates the magic of putting pen to paper, while honoring the classic art of etiquette with modern wit and sophistication. Click here to read the full article.

Tanea Smith at About.comThere are many successful women entrepreneurs that can serve as a source of inspiration to other women, but Tanea Smith, founder and owner of She’s Got Papers, also serves as a positive role model for anyone struggling in their personal life. Despite overwhelming odds, Tanea never lost faith in herself or her dreams and through hard work, a great support system, and a strong will to succeed, turned an idea into an exciting up-and-coming business.  Click here to read the full article.

nymp2014logoTanea Smith is bursting with inspiration. A visit to her daughter’s pediatrician, a family member’s divorce, even a run on the treadmill have given Smith ideas for her online stationery boutique, She’s Got Papers. A passionate journal writer and calligrapher, Smith’s ideas about body image, self-love, dreams, and even her experience as a teenage mother, have shaped her unique collections for business professionals, girlfriends, moms, kids, and babies. With products like the “Baby Business Card,” and “Learner’s Permit,”She’s Got Papers is meant to foster etiquette, personal connections, and above all, inspiration. Click here to read the full article.

poshWe love pretty things, you know that by now, so when we came across She’s Got Papers, we knew that we needed to know more. Gorgeous, fun stationary is something we can never have enough of, but imagine how much deeper we fell in love with this company when we got in touch with Tanea Smith, the owner. Here’s a little bit about where She’s Got Papers came from. Click here to read the full article.

SheRunsItBannerTanea Smith, CEO and Founder of She’s Got Papers, was first a new kid on the block, armed with a box of crayons, ready to make her mark on the world. Next, she was a young lady forging ahead, jotting down all those fabulous ideas to help mold and shape her journey. Then, a lady fully focused on the prize, knowing that the future is right now — she’s determined to triumph! Click here to read the full article.



20 Questions Interview with Tanea Smith. Click here to read the full article.


her-agenda-logoThose who know me well understand how much I love stationary cards. I like to keep birthday, holiday or ‘Thinking of You’ cards so I can delve and reminisce about my favorite memories. According to Harvard Associate Professor Francesca Gina, the importance of giving thanks lies in “receiving expressions of gratitude makes us feel a heightened sense of self-worth, and that in turn triggers other helpful behaviors toward both the person we are helping and other people, too.” Click here to read the full article.


It’s almost time for summer break — don’t forget to thank your child’s teacher with a thoughtful yet simple gift she’ll go ga-ga for. Click here to read the full article.


splash-magazine-last-on-the-page.gifMother’s Day is the perfect occasion to share your sentiments with your mom, mother-in-law, stepmother, grandmother or any woman that’s made a positive impact on your life. Instead of shelling out cash for the typical flowers and jewelry, why not give mom something she can cherish for years to come? Chic online stationery boutique She’s Got Papers offers inspiring and affordable gifts for mom. The store offers a beautifully hand-drawn and water-colored collection for ladies carrying messages of hope and empowerment.