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Don't Delay, Send Your Love Write Away!

Posted by Tanea Smith on

Oh, November. For some, it's the best of times but for many others it's the worst of times. One thing is certain and it's that our country is in free fall right now. We are more divided than we've ever been and as much as it hurts to acknowledge, it's the truth. As I type this I'm thinking of our Veterans who fought and died for this country and their families to whom we all owe a huge debt of gratitude.

In the days since the election, I've had several conversations that revealed a wide range of emotions. I believe Stevie Wonder said it best, "Loves In Need of Love Today". Ironically my last collection "That's Life", which was my love letter to my grandmother, Ms.Peola, included "Don't Forget to Do You", a piece that serves as a reminder to women to take care of themselves. Self-preservation is vital, not just in the times we are living in today, but all the time.

As the daily stress of life becomes insurmountable, are you taking time for you? And what about your Mothers, Friends, Sisters and Co-Workers? Remember this, I Am My Sister's Keeper and we have a responsibility to love, care for and look after one another.My favorite way to stay connected will always be through handwritten notes. In these trying times, the heartfelt, uplifting and encouraging words you send to those you love are sure to be greatly appreciated.

Don't Forget To Do You!

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