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When you don't know what to say. . .

Posted by Tanea Smith on

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you how much I struggled to write this. To say that we’re living in strange times would be an understatement. In this pandemic I find myself dealing with a range of emotions.

From the sadness of hearing that several members of one family have passed, to the anxiety that it will soon strike either me or someone that I know.

I was scheduled to teach a workshop at a local college and received a note from my contact there. She expressed that “in all my years I've never experienced this type of fear and such unsettling times”.

She’s not alone. And neither are you. We’re all feeling it.

In times when I’ve felt unsettled and unsure the first thing I’ve done is pick up a pen. For those of you that have heard me speak you know that I credit journaling with saving my life. It’s my spiritual practice. The words that I’ve written in my journal since the age of nineteen “This is not my reality” is a mantra that I have held on to for the last 25 years.

Not from a place of delusion, but from a place of faith and of hope. The faith and the hope that this too shall pass.

So what do we do when we find ourselves running low on faith and when hope seems to be fading fast? We say thank you.

Thank you to God for allowing us to see another day. Thank you to our neighbors who have looked out for us and in on us.

Who are you looking in on?

Thank you to the first responders who report to the front lines of this thing every single day. Let us not forget that they too have families who worry daily about their health.

Thank you to our local grocery stores and supermarkets that are providing food to us. Let us not forget that they too are in fear of their businesses collapsing.

Thank you to our mail and package carriers who are still in the trenches delivering essentials every day. To the transit workers who are getting the essential workers to where they need to be and back home safely.

As this pandemic goes on, the list goes on. A phone call, a text or like I’ve continued to do, a handwritten note will go a long way to let someone that I’ve just mentioned know how much they’re appreciated.

When you don’t know what to say start with “thank you”. 

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