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Now more than ever . . . words matter

Posted by Tanea Smith on

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You're doing the best you can. Everything is going to be okay.

We're in this together.

Over the past few weeks we've either heard or said these words countless times. Have you found solace in knowing that you're not alone?

Good. Because you're not.

In your grief over the lives that have been lost, you're not alone.

In your anxiety about what the future holds, you're not alone.

In your hope and faith that this too shall pass, you're not alone.

Every single day is a roller coaster. When my energy is low I find myself saying aloud, "we're going to get through this. We are."

I meditate on it. I pray on it. I journal on it. Then I get stubborn. I simply refuse to entertain any other outcome. Why? Because faith, tenacity and determination are the things that have sustained me through every valley I've ever faced.

I've had faith that my present circumstances were not going to last.

I've been tenacious enough to keep moving forward despite not having all of the answers.

I've believed that when my endurance waned my determination would kick in.

So yes, words matter. Especially now.

Words like your favorite bible scripture, the quote on Instagram that took the words right out of your mouth or the lyrics of a song that touched you to your core. Lean on all of it. Whatever works, do just that. And know that everything is going to be okay.

As for me: Alexa, play "Bridge Over Troubled Water", the Aretha Franklin version.


I'm so sad to say that I've sold more sympathy cards than I ever have since the Coronavirus hit. Too many. At the request of those of you who have wanted something uplifting I created the "Keep The Faith" assorted box because each and every one of us could use some encouragement. If you need a more customized set please reach out to I'd be happy to accommodate you.

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